The Subjectivity Of Reality

We Tried To Do Well

virginia woolf
1 December
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I am searching for creativity personified that I can exercise vaguely AND I am searching for the one that's hiding somewhere behind my tonsils that peeks out occasionally to remind me it's still hiding. I am searching unsuccessfully for the difference between me and everyone else AND I am searching for something more optimistic than complacency AND I am searching for something just beyond my reach and comprehension. I am searching for satisfaction AND I am searching for the place where denial and complications inersect with a better outlook than my own AND I am searching for unobtrusive sympathy. I am searching for appreciation in a mythic society that rewards being nice AND I am searching for a very specific point of subject matter in intergalctic space AND I am searching for the next exit from loneliness. I am searching for unadultered success AND I am searching for a mechanism to keep me aware. I am searching to be aware AND I am still searching for myself-
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